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We Are Your Full-Service Mulch Manufacturer and Installation Resource

If you are looking for a turnkey mulch manufacturer and installation resource, you have reached the right website. Florida Mulch, Inc. is unique, and the care that we put into our product manufacturing and installation sets us apart from the competition. In fact, there really is no true competition because we do things that other companies won’t, therefore, we refuse to cut corners. We provide our customers with a wide palette of possibilities. Our homegrown, traditional premium mulch is very popular, and we also carry pine bark mulch and most designer preferred professional ground covering.

*Florida Mulch Inc follows the most strict safety policies in place and meet and exceed all of the DOT requirements. All of installers wear safety vests, goggles and all of our vehicles are equipped with led DOT-certified lighting.

We set the standards when it comes to safety and installation of mulch or ground cover products.


The mission of the MSC is to define quality products and promote an open marketplace for producers of horticultural mulches, consumer soils and commercial growing media. click here »
Florida Mulch, Inc sells and installs certified mulch products and is also a member of the Mulch and Soil Council.

Quality Mulch Manufactured by us

When you work with Florida Mulch, you are supporting a healthy environment, because we firmly believe in 100 percent sustainability. Our mulch is all natural, and the fibers are renewable. We don’t use pressure treated wood, plywood pallets, or C and D wood.

We manufacture our products to our own high standards so we don’t have to source them elsewhere and hope for the best. As the manufacturer, we know exactly what we are selling to our customers, so we can stand behind our products with confidence.


  • Hardwood Cypress Blend Mulch*
  • Red Mulch*
  • 100% Cypress Mulch*
  • Cocoa Brown Mulch*
  • Premium Gold Mulch*
  • Pine Bark Nuggets
  • Pine Straw
  • Environmental Mulch*

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* Certified mulch product approved by the Mulch and Soil Council

Deliveries & Installation available throughout the entire state of Florida!

Innovative Certified Mulch Installation

Florida Mulch has built a reputation on quality manufacturing, but we are also industry innovators when it comes to our installation techniques. Companies typically utilize a blow on truck, but we provide meticulous, precise manual installations. Our method is cleaner, more efficient, and more cost-effective. In the end, you get a premium installation, but we can keep our costs down and pass the savings along to you.

We have been manufacturing mulch right here in St. Cloud, Florida since 1978. Our location is key because we can source sustainable raw materials locally. Since we are centrally located, we can deliver and install our mulch products in a timely manner, and we have expanded our coverage area. We deliver throughout the entire state of Florida.

If you are a landscape contractor or designer, a property or maintenance manager, or a retail store buyer, call us now at (407) 891-8400 or click here to contact us.

Benefits of not applying mulch with a blow-on truck:

  • Guarantees that certified mulch products will be used
  • Less mess
  • No limitation of filling up the truck
  • Installation time shortened because all materials are there – return trips not needed.
  • Less time means more cost effective

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